SEO Overview

SEO Overview

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is an excellent way to bring more visitors to your site, and ultimately to your shopping cart or physical storefront.

Digital Reality offers SEO as a standalone service for national brands without a local presence, and also as a combined package with Google+ Local for brick and mortar businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, lawyers, accountants, contractors, doctors, and other practices.

We use only Google-approved ‘white-hat’ methods which safely and organically build your site’s authority over time. There are two major components to SEO:

  1. On-page optimization (Month 1) involves tweaking your website
    • Checking the technical behind-the-scenes aspect of your site that has little impact for visitors but a great impact on how Google (and Yahoo and Bing) view and ‘rank’ your site
    • Enhancing the articles on your site to be content-rich and relevant to what your potential customers are searching for
  2. Off-page optimization (Month 2 and onward) involves Link building on other websites. Google views rankings as somewhat of a popularity contest! When many other sites are linking to your site, Google and other search engines begin to see your site as the ‘go-to’ site for your market (pizza in New York, plastic surgeon in west palm beach, buy nail polish online, for example). Google then lists you over everyone else in the results for those terms. We find organic links through:
    • Article writing
    • Creating professional press releases
    • Creating beautiful videos for your business
    • Participating in relevant blog and forum discussions

As you can see, in our goal towards improving your search engine rankings (and customer base!), we actually create quality marketing materials such as press releases and videos that you can use to enhance your business in multiple ways.

Looking for help with a local business (retail store, doctor’s office, general contractor, etc?)

We can help there, too. Please check out our internet marketing services for local businesses.

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