LightSpeed Retail POS Overview

Retail Point of Sale for Mac, PC, and Mobile



LightSpeed Retail POS is a leading point of sale system for retail stores in many industries. Currently available in both LightSpeed Pro (self-hosted) and LightSpeed Cloud (SaaS cloud-hosted), it is an ideal system to manage both front-of-house and back-of-house operations.


In addition to quick and easy checkout functions for the front-of-house, LightSpeed Retail POS handles the following back-of-house operations with ease:

  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Customer Management
  • Optional Web Store
  • Optional Handheld (iPhone) and Tablet (iPad)
  • Robust Custom Reporting



LightSpeed’s 19,000 customers have shared some of their favorite experiences with the software, and they include:

  • Increased revenue
  • Increased security
  • Ease of use for their staff
  • Ease of reordering
  • Better insight to best sellers, stale products, and sales trends
  • Excellent inventory tracking
  • Ease of putting up a web store
  • Combined inventory between retail and web store (if desired)


POS and inventory management are the backbone of a retail operation. As such, the software is important, but support is crucial. A standard LightSpeed implementation has two layers of support:

  1. Initial setup, configuration, consulting, and training by a LightSpeed Reseller such as Digital Reality
  2. Ongoing phone and email support through LightSpeed’s responsive and highly trained representatives in Canada, included in the monthly subscription



Cloud vs Pro

Pricing, support, and feature set is similar between the Cloud and Pro versions of LightSpeed. The most significant difference between the two is “data hosting”.

LightSpeed Pro is a self-hosted solution, meaning one of the computers at your location stores the data and shares it with all of the other computers, phones, and tablets running LightSpeed.

LightSpeed Cloud is a software-as-a-service (Saas) solution, meaning your data is securely stored in the “Cloud”, or a redundant group of servers outside of your location.

While both are very powerful, the biggest benefit of Cloud is the ease of handling multi-channel retail. For example, you can transfer inventory and generate reports across multiple stores, warehouses, eCommerce, and mail-order with zero effort since all locations tap into the same Cloud database.


Take your entire store on the road with an iPod, iPhone, or iPad tablet. You’ll be able to show high-resolution photos of images to customers at trade shows, trunk shows, and other remote events.  You can even process credit cards and sell from your various inventory locations right from your device!


LightSpeed Retail POS is affordably priced starting at $79/month plus the cost of hardware (generally less than $800 per terminal) and setup/training (generally less than $3,000 per store). Ongoing support is included in your monthly subscription, and lease options are available for the hardware and setup components.

How To Buy

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