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49ers Fans: Get Your Smartphones Ready for a Cloud-Ready Stadium

pos devicesCloud computing will undoubtedly be the driving force of all future technology. The internet for multiple several networks to be connected at the same time, making all computing and transactions more efficient and accessible. Subsequently, it is no surprise that the cloud has infiltrated the retail and restaurant industry, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Cloud point of sales systems for restaurants and retailers are gaining in popularity, because they are much more cost effective than traditional point of sales equipment, and also because the software can be purchased upfront without any additional fees.

In addition, these systems make mobile point of sales possible. This means that employees at any eatery or store can walk around with mobile POS devices, and check customers out without sending them to the check out counter. Implementation is also fairly seamless.

But POS devices are now receiving an even bigger upgrade: NFL stadiums.

The National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers have a brand new stadium. Levi’s Stadium will seat over 68,000 fans, and will reportedly offer a larger variety of stadium snack foods, including more vegan options than most other sports arenas.

The best part of the stadium will be a fan’s ability to order their food right from their seats. By utilizing the “Stadium App,” fans can do everything from buying parking passes, to watching instant replay, to ordering their game-day goodies ahead of time. Instead of waiting in line as hundreds of fans muddle the galleys underneath the seats, people can go straight to the front of the line to grab their pre-arranged order.

With several cloud POS devices connected to the stadium’s mini eateries, fans can also browse the selections on their smartphone during the game, pick their favorite munchies, and simply wait for their food, in their seats. Essentially, the order is registered by concessions stands, and after it is prepared, the food is delivered right to the customer’s seat.

Stadium builders are also extending their efforts to create a more green arena, utilizing several solar panels for lighting, as well as installing a green rooftop plaza that spans 27,000 feet. This area is intended to attract fans who want to “hang out” during the game, relax, or simply have a beer with friends.

The 49ers have taken POS to a whole new level, and are hoping to create the “smartest” stadium in the NFL, according to the 49ers’ Director of Public Relations, Bob Lange.

With the help of the cloud, POS is reaching newer, more innovative heights. It may only be a matter of time before other arenas and sports venues start to hop on board.

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