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Dear Restaurants: Hop on the Mobile Point of Sales Express!

restaurant point of sales When you walk into a restaurant, you expect to be seated quickly, served your food in a timely fashion, and receive your check as soon as your are done with your meal. Servers do their best to provide this for every patron, but on a crowded night, you may have to wait a bit to get the service you want.

One of the ways restaurants can battle the wait time is by implementing a mobile restaurant point of sales system. Essentially, you as a customer, would be able to pay your bill right at your table. This type of system is growing rapidly, and studies from the National Restaurant Association show that more than half of all customers in an eatery would use a mobile payment system if it was available to them.

Here are some of the benefits of using a cloud point of sales system in a restaurant.

  1. Efficiency
    During high traffic time, it can be overwhelming for servers to go from one table to the next, dropping off the bill, picking up a credit card or cash payment, then delivering a receipt, and collecting their tip. This often takes up a significant amount of time, especially in an eatery full of people. With a mobile restaurant point of sales system, the server can use an iPad or mobile device with an attachment for credit card payments, swipe the payment right at the table, and have the receipt sent via text or email to the patron. The result is a more efficient transaction that allows servers to get to more customers. more quickly.
  2. Easy Installation A mobile point of sales system is also much easier to install. A traditional system will often have bulky point of sales equipment that attaches to a phone line, but a Windows or Apple point of sale setup only requires internet connectivity, and sufficient bandwidth to support transactions. Once the mobile package is installed, any mobile device can be connected to the network, and accept either credit card payments, or even PayPal ones if the restaurant has an account.
  3. Cheaper Implementing a mobile restaurant point of sales system can be less pricey. The equipment that comes with a traditional system often requires maintenance, and for upgrades, the provider will usually charge a fee. Mobile systems typically automatically install updates as they become available, and this is part of the package. Restaurants can additionally save money on paper receipts and bills, as the receipts can be transferred to customers electronically, and the bill can be pulled up on a mobile device’s screen.

There are more advantages than downsides to installing a mobile point of sales system in a restaurant. As more eateries implement these systems, you will likely see your wait time decrease significantly.

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